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Hi ConnectU,
I am searching for the best sleepaway camp in New York State for my kids.
I am quickly realizing that finding and choosing a camp is a job in itself!
So, I am so glad I came across you. We live in White Plains, NY and are looking for the best sleepaway camp for our two kids, aged 10 and 13.
Ideally it would be in driving distance from White Plains (i.e. under 3 hours away) and be situated on a lake as both our kids love water activities from swimming to boating to water skiing.
What is your process to help us in our search?
Thanks, Meister. 


By ConnectU
Hi Meister,
Thank for your question about the best camps in & around White Plains, NY.
You have certainly picked a great area which offers many choices. We love that your kids love water activities as there are many camps in NY state which have incredible water access with great water sports from swimming to sailing, to water skiing, kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding. 
At ConnectU International our process is quite simple - we will conduct a detailed discovery process to learn as much as we can about your kids as well as your (and their) camp expectations. From there, we will seek out and find the camps which check all or most boxes off on your wish list and walk you through each of our recommendations.
At ConnectU we LOVE camp but we know not every camp is perfect for every camper. Our goal is to find the perfect camp for your kids.
Give us a call today and let's get started! And now is the perfect time as many camps offer early bird registration discounts.
Our number is 1-800-706-8876 - Call Us Today!